Just When You Thought This Technology Was Dead, It’s Come Back Better Than Ever

“Microsoft has made a comeback and is a force to be reckoned with. Other tech giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon should be ready for the game,” writes Samantha Krahenbuhl in her Medium post “Microsoft Making a Comeback.” Krahenbul isn’t wrong. Techies the world over are crowing over the “comeback” of Microsoft.

Over on TechCrunch, they’re crowing about all of the recent developments Microsoft has released recently, from deciding to offer Skype Group Calls for free to their new disruptive startup lab (headed up by a “well known force” from DARPA!). Microsoft is clearly this season’s “Comeback Kid.”

This got us thinking: what are the other types of tech that are making a comeback and/or getting an upgrade and finding new ground?



Remember when pocket PDA first came out? The Stylus looked more like the graphite grabber on the Mr. Sketch toy. It was big and bulky and not all that effective. It could “poke buttons” but you couldn’t really do much else with it.

Those days are over. Styluses have come a long way, with ball-shaped pressure sensors making the stylus more like a marker than a pixilated travesty. At GoSmart they’re taking things even further. Their technicians have developed a stylus that is so sharply defined, you’ll swear you’re writing with a ball point pen (even if the tip looks a little goofy).

What’s next, a stylus that can offer the same control you’d have with a paint brush? Probably.



You might not think there’s much left to perfect about a food scale now that most models have gone digital. You would be wrong.

Enter: The Prep Pad from The Orange Chef Company. This thing doesn’t just weigh your food. Oh no. It is able to evaluate the nutritional content of your food. Really.

Put your food on the pad and in addition to weighing it, the pad sends the nutritional information (and weight) of that food to your phone or laptop. It updates in real time so you can add other foods or ingredients to the pad to get a real time evaluation of the nutritional content of the meals you’re planning.



For a while it looked like USB cables were on their way out but the newer cables simply haven’t taken off the way their inventors had planned.

USB is still the way to go. Unfortunately most CPUs and Laptops don’t have enough ports to accommodate all the accoutrements that need to be plugged in—or, if they do, most of the ports are at the back of the CPU and hard to reach. This is why USB hubs have become so popular and so infuriating. USB ports allow you to plug multiple devices into your computer via a single hard-wired port but the wiring in the extension ports was shoddy at best.

That’s where James Morrison came in. His USB port is quiet and doesn’t look all that fancy but it’s built to work and to last. His hub, called “AraHub” now has its own Kickstarter and if he reaches his goal, the AraHub could become available to the mass market.