REV brings a jolt of electricity to North American vehicle fleets

With the auto industry in peril and environmental concerns rising, electric vehicles are fast moving from a fringe interest to the most important new development in transportation in the last 50 years. But there are millions of fleet vehicles burning gas every day across North America, and a local start-up intends to change that.

Vancouver-based REV (also known as Envia Solarmotion) is converting Ford vehicles into lithium battery powered vehicles for use in fleets. REV Ceo Jay Giraud pitched the 25th Angel Forum, held at the SFU campus in downtown Vancouver, on the potential of his company to change the auto industry and imporve the environment. The idea behind REV is to create a new market by delivering the conversions to fleets in North America, which will enable development and sale of aftermarket conversion kits to further fleets and training independent service garages to install those kits. Further plans include deploying a Chargepoint network across Canada (in association with Coloumb Technologies), enabling further electric vehicle use. REV plans to target municipal and corporate fleets throughout North America. REV is also invovling itself in Clean Cities initiatives.

REV already counts BC Hydro and Dawson Creek as customers, and with the auto industry grasping at anything to survive, a green, electric alternative to business as usual deployed in corporate settings might be one way to not only open up a new venue for startups but also help the environment.