Revamped Mobile App: LinkedIn finally gets it right

I’m not the most prolific LinkedIn user out there, but I’m nonetheless a huge fan of the service. And while I use it less than Twitter or Facebook, I’d actually rather sooner lose Facebook than LinkedIn (but not Twitter!). So I remember being pretty disappointed when I first downloaded the app on my iPhone a few months ago. It sucked.

It sucked enough that I literally never used it, and that’s a shame, because LinkedIn already gets less frequent visits than most other social networks out there. But just this week the company launched a thorough redo of the app (version 4.0 for iPhone, also available on Android devices) and at long last, it’s LinkedIn done right.

Simplified and streamlined, the layout is much more effective from a navigation perspective. It has four categories—Updates, You, Inbox, and Groups & More. The interface got a facelift too, not that the old one was ugly. And the speed? The app runs slick and smooth as any I’ve ever used. I never really realized the modest lag some apps experience until the snappiness of LinkedIn’s revamp shone.

Considering it’s free, downloading this app is a no-brainer for LinkedIn users. And those who already have it, grab the update. You might actually use it for once.