REVEALED: The Person Behind the Vicious Vikileaks30 Attacks

Adam Carroll, a liberal staffer, has been officially exposed as the man behind the now-defunct Vikileaks30 Twitter account, which slammed Safety Minister Vic Toews with personal attacks. Vic, of course, has become nationally infamous for his blind support of the destructive “online surveillance” or “lawful access” legislation, Bill C-30 (which has, to the relief of millions of Canadians, been delayed).

Quoth PostMedia News:

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has confirmed that a Liberal staffer was behind the Vikileaks30 account that attacked Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, and that the staffer has resigned. Rae made the admission Monday afternoon in the House of Commons and offered Toews an apology after the minister asked House Speaker Andrew Scheer to look at the matter and determine whether his parliamentary rights had been breached.

“I accept the personal apology from the member for Toronto-Centre (Rae),” Toews replied. “I think it is a heartfelt apology.”

Adam declared that he was acting on his own, not under Liberal command. It was previously thought by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird that the NDP was behind the scheme.

Photo: CBC