Revenue Services Group is pimping their soap box ride to raise funds for Vancouver Canary Derby Foundation

Techvibes is a media sponsor of the Vancouver Canary Derby and Revenue Services Group has entered a team.

Innovation has always been an important part of soap-box derbies. In 1939, five years after the start of the All-American Soap Box Derby at Derby Downs, eleven-year old Cliff Hardesty drew suspicion from the judges with the sophistication of his design. After being questioned by twelve committee members until midnight, the boy was taken to a garage the next day to duplicate the front suspension from scratch. Not only was his design legitemate, he went on to win ahead of 113 contenders. In 1973, innovation invited a stray fom the rules for 14-year-old Jimmy Gronen. After winning the race, his car was found to contain an electromagnet used to attract it to a metal plate at the finish line and ensure his false win.

Ingenuity will no doubt be present at this year’s Canary Derby. RSG Revenue Services Group, the largest SR&ED provider in Western Canada are newcomers to the race setting a goal to win maximum points for creativity in car design with a soap box inspired by the TV show “Pimp My Ride.” With the help of Ruth Spink, team captain and RSG’s engineers this soap box car will be blinging. The flamboyant Gulin Villeneuve has been selected as driver to replicate the 1995 performance of another racing Villeneuve. Please donate now to help the RSG Gnarly ShREDers reach their fundraising target of $2000.

GenoLogics, a Victoria-based bioinformatics company researching early cancer detection strategies, launched the first soap box fundraiser in Victoria in 2006 which led to the Vancouver event in 2008. Now in its third year, the Canary Foundation Soaps Box Derby invites you to take part on September 25th at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. Some of the teams participating include, BCTIA, Work at Play, XOMO, Wired Women, and Aquatics Informatics. Join in and help the Canary Foundation reach their fundraising goal of one million dollars!

For more information on the Canary Derby, please visit: See you September 25th!