Rewarding Precious IT talent

Toronto’s I Love Rewards – a developer of online corporate rewards programs – recently put out a call for 13 job openings and 2,700 people responded. What are they doing differently in this hot IT job market? Nestor Arellano of reports that while many Canadian companies are struggling to attract (and retain) talented IT employees, I Love Rewards is turning them away.

CEO Razor Suleman believes he’s figured out footloose Gen Y IT professionals and is giving them exactly what they’re looking for in a workplace – a challenging opportunity to work on cool technology with a good mentor or industry leader.

Rewarding performance helps. The company’s very own reward program site clearly displays the points that employees have earned for doing their jobs or exceeding expectations. Their accomplishments are regularly mentioned in meetings and they get to purchase items they like on the company rewards catalogue with the points they receive. Talk about eating your own dog food.