Rightsizing Trend continues in BC

A Techvibes reader was kind enough to pass along some summary data from a recent BC CEO Tech Survey conducted by Don Safnuk’s Corporate Recruiters. 118 CEO’s of Small to Midsized Technology Companies in BC responded, so the data should reflect current market conditions extermely well.

Rightsizing Trend

  • 42% of the companies went through a round of layoffs in 2008
  • 28% laid off staff in Q1 2009
  • 29% are anticipating layoffs in Q2.

Overall business performance and optimism is positive

  • 51% of the CEO’s report Q1 revenues and profits are up
  • 40% expect it will be getting a lot better over the next six months
  • 57% expect it will be the same or a little better over the next six months

Salary Levels, Supply & Demand for Human Capital

  • 38% report Q1 overall staff levels are up from Q4 2008
  • Salary levels holding steady for current employees with small retention increases
  • Downward pressure on salaries for new hires
  • 66% report a healthy supply of qualified candidates