Riiplay.tv gives event makers and attendees better opportunities

In these tough times, event organizers are going to be challenged to keep attendance up, and companies are looking to streamline their knowledge-gathering and networking efforts. Vancouver-based fundfindr Media is launching Riiplay.tv, a knowledge-on-demand platform for business webcasts which aims to help maximize the online content value that events provide and give organizations better opportunities.

Riiplay.tv’s event specialists can produce videos, photos, blogging, podcasts and webcasts to improve the visibility and online communications for events while they’re happening and long afterward. Attendees will have better access to event-related content and social networking.

Fundfindr touts its new offerings as a kind of high quality YouTube for business. As businesses start feeling the pinch from the slowdown, it’s a good time for added-value services to get on the scene.

Check out a teaser for Riiplay.tv.