RIM CEO: ‘I Know People Doubt We Can Get it Right, but They Will be Pleasantly Surprised with BB10’

Back in July, monthly magazine Canadian Business ran an all-black cover reading “It Didn’t Have to Come to This.” In essence, it was a gravestone for Research In Motion. The article got us thinking and we went so far as to question whether Canada even needs a technology sector.

This month’s Canadian Business reveals a letter from RIM’s chief executive officer himself, Thorsten Heins. In it, the CEO acknowledges the critics but affirms that glory days will return to RIM.

“I know some people are skeptical, and they doubt whether we will get it right,” Thorsten writes. “I believe those people will be pleasantly surprised.”

He continues:

Everyone at RIM—myself most of all—understands the challenges the company faces in an extremely competitive and rapidly changing market. We own the mistakes we made in the past; rather than dwell on them, we learned from them to build our future. … We also understand that Research In Motion cannot fall back solely on the qualities and features that drove the first phase of its growth. We are not standing still.

“In RIM offices around the world,” Thorsten affirms, “talented teams of engineers and programmers are working tirelessly to unite millions of lines of computer code with the most powerful devices we’ve ever built to launch BlackBerry 10.”

RIM’s CEO concludes by denouncing those who already consider the Waterloo company six feet under: “We are not delusional, and we are certainly not dying. We are determined and we are defiant. For that, I make no apologies.”

RIM’s stock soared 15% in after hours trading yesterday following impressive earnings. Those gains have slipped to 6% today.

Photo: Reinhold Matay/AP