RIM: Don’t judge us by anything but our BlackBerry 7 smartphones

Analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates recently released a scathing report of BlackBerry for business users. Research revealed that as many as 2 in 3 BlackBerry users plan to migrate to a different platform within a year, among other depressing statistics.

RIM has responded to the report, or rather to the users that the report suggests intend to ditch the Waterloo company’s products. RIM issued a statement—before even reviewing EMA’s survey—essentially saying that customers should try the Blackberry 7s before switching.

“These are the fastest, most powerful BlackBerry smartphones yet,” RIM said, sounding Apple-like, “and we encourage comparisons with these current BlackBerry smartphones versus earlier models.” The company insists that users who try a new Berry running OS 7 will want to continue using its products. 

While OS 7 is RIM’s latest and greatest, the BlackBerry maker already has BBX, its next-gen QNX-based operating platform, announced and ready for a 2012 launch. Unfortunately, many users are still using older devices and operating systems that are extremely antiquated.