Research In Motion’s Final Peek of BlackBerry 10 Before Official Launch

Research In Motion didn’t have much of a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, but that’s understandable. The official launch of BlackBerry 10 is later this month, which will be RIM’s own CES in a sense.

But QNX, which RIM acquired to power BB10, did show off a few things. The Ottawa-based company unveiled a concept car loaded with QNX technology. And while it didn’t explicity show off BB10, the technology reminded us that RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has promised the next-gen mobile platform is more than just an operating system for smartphones—it’s a full-on mobile computing and communications system that will eventually be integrated with cars, appliances, and more.

Forbes also sat down with RIM and we saw what could be the last peek at BB10 before its unveiling in three weeks. Check it out in the video below.