RIM May Launch a 4G PlayBook This Fall Ahead of BB10 Smartphones: Roadmap Leak

Even though BB10 has been infamously delayed until the first quarter of 2013, RIM may still have plans to launch a new BlackBerry PlayBook this year, according to a new report from BlackBerryOS.com.

BBOS leaked a product roadmap that shows a 4G-enabled tablet, codenamed “Winchester2,” launch in the fourth quarter of 2012 ahead of BB10.

The roadmap also shows RIM is slated to launch two BB10 devices, an iPhone-like “London” smartphone and a Bold-like “Nevada” smartphone, in the first quarter of 2013, while a seemingly all-new PlayBook (dubbed “Blackforest”) is poised to arrive in the third quarter. Blackforest appears to be a 10-inch tablet like Apple’s iPad, but no specifications were revealed in the leak.

There is also an ultra-secret “Naples” device that is named but not physically showcased on the roadmap. Naples looks slated for the fourth quarter.

Image: BBOS