RIM: ‘Our Next BlackBerry Will Be Whimsical’

When Apple first unveiled the original iPad, it touted the device as both “magical” and “revolutionary.” Critics mocked the adjectives, suggesting that there was nothing magical nor revolutionary about an oversized iPod Touch. Sales numbers for the iPad begged to differ, however, and these days most agree that the iPad is the best tablet around.

Now RIM looks to be hoping for the same effect: Todd Wood, senior vice president of industrial design, told Pocket-lint that the 2012 BlackBerry smartphones will be “whimsical.”


Apparently, Todd and his design team headed around the world to draw inspiration. If Todd can be believed, the OS 7 BlackBerrys, such as the Bold 9900, were inspired by Bellagio in Italy. Pocket-Lint, no doubt feeling kindly toward RIM thanks to the exclusive interview with Mr. Wood, lauded the connection: “you can see the influence. The classic lines, the stylish approach, the Italian attention to detail are all there.”

My vision isn’t 20/20, but the new Bold looks a lot like the old bold with a metal band around it (and that’s inspired by the iPhone 4, not Italy). But I digress.

For the next-gen roster of devices, the QNX-powered “superphones,” RIM headed to Malmo in Sweden. Never been there, but I guess it’s whimsical. Looks pretty nice on Google anyway. Personally I would have saved the airfare and checked out Ikea.

Let’s just hope that the Verge-leaked photo of the potential first BBX phone doesn’t actually look like this—because to me, “whimsicial” does not translate from Swedish to English as “exactly the same as every other touchscreen smartphone but with two ugly grey bars at the top and bottom.” 

In other news, RIM today announced more of the same.