RIM’s App Store Has Been Rebranded as ‘BlackBerry World’

Companies like Apple and Amazon are fighting vigorously to attempt to associate themselves with the word “app” and claim ownership of generic terms like “app store.”

But Research In Motion has gone against the grain and actually chose to abandon the word entirely. Formerly BlackBerry App World, RIM’s app store is now simply BlackBerry World.

It’s not a particularly significant change, but it does tie into RIM’s efforts to streamline absolutely everything—from a sleeker, more efficient mobile platform to improving internal operations with (regrettably necessary) layoffs and restructuring. Some of the process has been ugly, to be certain, but RIM hopes the end result is beautiful. We do too.

In other RIM news, we’ve learned that the Waterloo company is now handing out a new prototype device to developers. This is the BB10 model with the physical keyboard, an upcoming handset expected to closely resemble RIM’s iconic Bold lineup.

Sounds cool and should excite BlackBerry developers. Getting one is tough, however: there are only about 1,500 available and developers have to apply for them with specific qualifications.