RIM Reveals Official Screen Resolutions of BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Research In Motion chief executive officer is already toting around a BB10 device. He says the smartphones are in the final stages of testing, which means there should be no more delays; we can expect the next-gen platform to launch alongside a couple devices within the first couple months of next year.

While Canadians eagerly await that glorious moment, RIM is slowly feeding developers and consumers bits of information on BB10. For example, earlier this week it was revealed there would be a grand total of six BlackBerrys running the platform: one all-touchscreen and one Bold-style, each with a full keyboard for the high, mid, and low tiers.

Now we’ve learned the official resolutions of the devices. RIM knows it pissed developers off in past years by having dozens of different devices all with varying resolutions. So it’s standardizing them into two resolutions: one for each type of BlackBerry.

Aside from the exception of the very first “full touch device,” which will have a resolution of of 1280 by 768 pixels, these are the two standardized resolutions for all RIM smartphones moving forward: 

• Full touch: 1280×720 (16:9)

• Physical keyboard: 720×720 (1:1)

“We’ve listened, we’ve learned, and we are now telling you that moving forward new smartphones will be standardizing on [these two] screen resolutions, which will allow you to design your applications to fit two main form factors,” RIM told developers on its blog.

To compare: the iPhone’s famous “retina” display has a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels on a 3.5-inch screen.