RIM set to launch tablet next week… called the BlackPad? Rumours and questions abound!


Research In Motion is widely expected to unveil its much-anticipated new tablet computer next week at a developers’ conference in San Fran. And many believe it’s actually going to be called BlackPad—which would be an awfully stupid name. (About as stupid as iPad.)

While these details are not yet officially confirmed, inside sources say that RIM’s tablet device will have a seven-inch touch screen, one (or two) built in cameras, bluetooth and broadband connections, and an operating system developed by QNX Software. It will be manufactured by Quanta Computers, a Taiwan company, with chips from Marvell Technology.


The one OR two cameras raises the question: Will there be a front-facing camera? without one, the tablet lacks a major selling point.

Will it be 3G? Who knows, but nobody’s suggested so, which would again be detrimental.

Why isn’t it running on RIM’s new OS 6? How capable will QNX’s operating system be to compete with Android and Apple?

How much will this “BlackPad” cost? Will it not be an iPad Killer, but rather a more affordable alternative?

Time will tell.