RIM Shares Surge Amid Rising Confidence in BlackBerry 10

With less than three weeks to go before Research In Motion unveils BlackBerry 10, the company’s shares are soaring.

RIM stock shot up nearly 14% in trading today, the biggest one-day jump in more than two years. Not even a widespread outage could slow down the incredible gains.

“What you’re seeing here is the anticipation of the launch of these new phones, the anticipation of potentially healthy sell-through for at least one or two quarters,” Anil Doradla, an analyst at William Blair & Co. in Chicago, told Bloomberg.

We also know that wireless carriers have been voicing their support for the company’s next generation of smartphones. T-Mobile CEO John Legere told Reuters that his company is “extremely optimistic [BB10] is going to be a successful product” and added that “our business customers are extremely interested in it.”

RIM will unveil BB10 on January 30.