RIM Wins Federal Court Battle Over BBM

Research In Motion has won a Federal Court case over its use of the BBM acronym, which describes its BlackBerry Messenger software. 

The lawsuit was filed last December by Toronto’s BBM Canada, who has owned the BBM trademark for over 60 years. While the court ruled that the trademark obviously belonged to BBM, it allowed that RIM operates in a different industry. More than 50 million people worldwide use RIM’s BBM app.

“We are pleased that the Federal Court of Canada sided with RIM and confirmed that RIM’s use of BBM does not infringe the trademark rights of BBM Canada as they had alleged,” RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy said in a statement following the court ruling on Wednesday.

Jim MacLeod, president and chief executive officer of BBM Canada, has not yet decided whether to appeal the ruling.

RIM needed this victory; it could have been devestating if the BlackBerry maker lost. Plus, the Waterloo company already has enough difficulties going on right now: it’s hiring banks for strategic review.