RIM’s 2012 QNX superphones will run Android apps, sources say

The possibility of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running Android apps was hinted at during its otherwise dull launch.

This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s clearly still in RIM’s plans. In fact, Bloomberg sources suggest they’re also coming to the company’s next lineup of phones, RIM’s self-described “superphones” that will run on a QNX OS (as the PlayBook does) and release sometime in early 2012.

Given that Android has the second-best app marketplace, behind Apple’s iOS—and RIM having one of the worst—this would massively increase the appeal of BlackBerry devices. And, if true, suggests Google has not—at least not yet—decided to make Android exclusive to its newly bought Motorola Mobility.

The same Bloomberg sources also suggested that in September, RIM’s tablet will finally get a dedicated email app and instant messaging app, although it’s easy to agrue that the move is too little and far too late. (In June, RIM said these apps would come “soon,” with Android apps arriving “later in the summer.” But delays are not uncommon with RIM.)