RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Update is Finally Coming Next Tuesday [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The date of Tuesday, February 21 has now been confirmed by RIM.

We were starting to think it would never come. After numerous delays, the now-infamous software update for RIM’s PlayBook tablet is being released next week.

Numerous reports, including ones from N4BB and BlackBerryOS.com, state that next Tuesday, February 21, Research In Motion will at long last update its PlayBook device to OS 2.0. The update will add many features that most believed should have appeared in the original design from a year ago.

To reinforce the likelihood of this update, MobileSyurp uncovered a telling Best Buy flyer. The document, which isn’t slated to go public until Friday, displays a 16GB PlayBook for $299 with OS2.0 pre-installed.

RIM’s tablet, nearly a year old, has yet to sell even one million units. After a decent first quarter, selling roughly 500,000, RIM has shipped less and less units each quarter. During the past few months, it has run myriad promotions and discounts, offering the device for as little as $199, which cost the company $500 million.