Rob Cottingham and Teh Funny

I’ve never seen Social Signal‘s Rob Cottingham present before. So when I saw that Flickr Founder Stewart Butterfield and the CBC’s Nora Young were the other two keynotes slotted in for last weekend’s Northern Voice conference in Vancouver, I figured he must be good or he’s in over his head.

Well, he was awesome. Cottingham had the audience busting a gut throughout his “Teh Funny” monologue and nowhere is this more evident than having a look at the Twitter backchannel from his presentation.

Backing up Cottingham on the markers was Nancy White with a visual translation of his presentation which was wonderful to watch as it evolved on the wall. Check out White’s incredible graphics online.

If you were able to make it out to Northern Voice and enjoyed Cottingham, head on over to SpeakerRate and rate his talk. It would be great to see him continue down the stand-up path and organizations throughout North America need to know just how good he was.

Photo by Tyler Ingram.