Unexpected Pairing: Rob Ford to be a Guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rob Ford’s political prowess is debatable, but his social media stardom is hardly questionable.

Currently anything Ford does or says seems to have high potential for going viral online and he’s playing his cards well, the latest example of which is him appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live—the show of the late night host who’s probably ribbed Ford the most during the Toronto mayor’s ascension to absurdity.

Below, a video where Ford “accidentally” appears on the wrong day. The post-Oscars show actually featured House of Cards star Kevin Spacey as a guest, who—surprise!—cracked multiple jokes about Ford during his appearance.



Ford’s celebrity status could reach new heights with tonight’s show, depending on what Jimmy asks and how the mayor responds. Given his track record for buffoonery, though, Ford should once again hit this one out of the ballpark.