Man Faces 181 Criminal Charges After 12 Years of Targeted Cyberbullying

An Ottawa man is facing nearly 200 charges for cyberbullying.

The 42-year-old Canadian was arrested last week in Ottawa following an eight-month investigation. Now Robert Compbell faces 181 charges, including nearly 30 counts of criminal harassment, more than 80 counts of defamation, and almost 70 counts of identity fraud.

Police believe that Campbell used advanced anonymity software to throw investigators off his trail. The suspect has been attacking victims online for more than a decade, according to police, who say he targeted those against whom he held longtime grudges. He also attempted to assume their identities online, which he did to defame them both personally and professionally, police say.

Campbell’s case was so difficult to probe that it requird the collaboration of several organizations, including the RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police, police across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, as well as London Metropolitan Police, and even the Hertfordshire Constabulary in the UK.