Six BC Startups Experience the Sweet Valley High

Techvibes is excited to announce that Editor-in-Chief Robert Lewis is now a regular contributor to BCBusiness.

Check out the July issue of BCBusiness to read his first article.

Six BC Startups Experience the Sweet Valley High – July 2013

Forty-eight hours isn’t a lot of time to regular folks. To the average person, it’s not even half of their workweek. And it’s barely enough time to catch up on one’s favourite TV shows. It’s a length of time that can be, and often is, easily and utterly wasted.

But for entrepreneurs, 48 hours can represent a bounty of opportunity. It can be enough time to build a startup, as evidenced by Startup Weekends around the world. It can mean millions of dollars in funding, as demonstrated by the team behind the wildly popular Pebble smartwatch on Kickstarter. Or it can mean a dream trip to the startup capital of the world, Silicon Valley, for two days filled to the brim with invaluable experiences.

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