Canadian Firm Launches .RobFord to Tackle Elitist Domains Like .Com

Canadian domain name consulting firm Name Ninja unveiled today that it plans to launch a .RobFord domain name extension as an alternative to existing domain name extensions such as .com.

“It’s time to stop the .com gravy train and offer an affordable domain name for the common man,” said Name Ninja president Bill Sweetman. “Few Canadian companies stepped up to participate in ICANN’s new Top-Level Domain (TLD) program and offer creative alternatives to the established .com, .net, and .ca domains. We recognized an opportunity and decided to seize it.”

Featuring the tagline “the domain that will crack you up,” the .RobFord domain extension is expected to be popular with sports fans, comedians, and anyone under the influence, according to the Toronto-based company. (Rob Ford, for those living under a rock, is one of the world’s most all-time famous mayors for an interesting variety of reasons.)

“Why register a boring .com domain name when you can get a Web address that instantly sets you apart from the crowd,” pointed out Sweetman.