Rocket Builders announces Cleantech Ready to Rocket list

British Columbia’s cleantech sector is emerging as one of the strongest contingents for recovery from the market downturn of 2008 and many believe it has been driving the market’s return. Investment dollars seem to support that. Cleantech investment accounted for approximately 40% of all Canadian venture capital investment last year.

In the Vancouver area alone there are more than 1,400 cleantech companies, so how do you seperate the contenders from the pretenders?

Rocket Builders can help. Earlier today they released its first-ever Ready to Rocket list of B.C. clean technology companies.  According to Rocket Builders the fifteen privately-held companies are positioned to capitalize on clean technology and industry trends that will lead them to rapid growth and investment. 

The 2011 “Ready to Rocket” Cleantech list:

  • Aquatic Informatics  Inc.
  • Corinex Communications Corp.
  • Corvus Energy
  • Delaware Power Systems Corp.
  • Delta-Q technologies Corp.
  • dPoint technologies Inc.
  • Endurance Wind Power
  • Nexterra Systems Corp.
  • NxtGen Emission Controls
  • Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.
  • Paradigm Environmental Technologies inc.
  • Pulse Energy Inc.
  • Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc.
  • Switch Materials Inc.
  • Tantalus Systems Corp.