Bell, Rogers, and Telus unveil Zoompass

Canada’s three big telcos have gotten together to create a new mobile payment service for person-to-person cash transactions. The new service labeled Zoompass will be operated by Toronto-based mobile solutions provider EnStream – a joint venture between Rogers Communications, Telus Corp. and Bell Canada Enterprises.

Zoompass makes it easy to split a lunch bill, request money from parents, collect sports team fees, solicit money for a co-worker’s gift, or even pay a babysitter – right from a mobile phone. With the groundbreaking launch of Zoompass, Canadians nationwide can expect to hear more people ask one another “Do you want me to Zoom you the money?”

Zoompass users will be able to send, request and receive money via their smart phones or using a branded Mastercard chip-and-PIN credit card. The service, which also allows users to send and receive money from their personal bank accounts, is available as an application on iPhone, BlackBerry and Java-based devices, with other mobile users able to access their accounts online via mobile browsing.

Zoompass registration is free, but users will be charged a 50 cent fee every time they initiate a money transfer. Zoompass will be officially unveiled at this week’s 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto.

Update: GigaOM’s Jordan Golson likes what he sees.