Rogers buys stake in Michael Eisner’s Vuguru

Rogers Communications has made a major push toward bolstering its online and mobile content by taking a minority interest in Michael Eisner’s Vuguru – a digital media studio he founded in 2006. The studio is currently held within Tornante, the private media investment company of former Disney chair but will be spun out with Rogers becoming a minority investor.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but as part of the agreement Rogers entered into a distribution agreement for the exclusive Canadian rights to future Vuguru projects.

Vuguru generated buzz with the success of the series Prom Queen about a year ago, but hasn’t produced much new content since then. Eisner has told the New York Times that he expects to develop roughly a dozen series next year, with plans to do about 30 annually.

The investment is also a boon for Rogers as it promises to serve as a stream of fresh content for its video-on-demand business and help them differentiate themselves from competitors with content across multiple platforms.