Rogers Cable launches valuable new programming: a continuous loop of Swiss Chalet chickens cooking

Restaurant chain Swiss Chalet has a wild new concept in advertising — through Rogers Cable, they’ve got their own TV channel.

Yeah. You heard right.

The channel shows a continuous loop of Swiss Chalet’s roast chickens slowly roasting and rotating as they cook rotisserie-style.

From the CBC:

Starting Monday, the Canadian family restaurant fires up a constant televised loop of 12 roasters turning on a spit to promote the chain.

The 13-week broadcast will be available to Rogers digital customers in Ontario on channel 208 and is part of a broad marketing campaign.

The Rotisserie Channel will feature two rows of chickens roasting in an open-flame oven.

And you thought the Yule Log channel was addictive. At least it didn’t make you hungry.

Frankly, I’m shocked that the CRTC would allow a channel like this on the air. Come on — Swiss Chalet? There’s no way there’s any Canadian Content on that channel.

Oh, well. There could be worse things on TV. At least a channel dedicated to nothing but rotating, cooking chickens would have a plot about as complicated as any episode of CSI.