Rogers Communications publicly addresses Wind Mobile’s complaint with Competition Bureau

windOn Thursday, I wrote an article outlining a complaint startup Wind Mobile has filed with the Competition Bureau that targets Rogers’ new subsidiary, Chatr Wireless, over uninformed advertising.

Later released was an official official statement from Kathy Murphy, Senior Director of Public Relations for Rogers Communications:

There’s no question our advertising reflects our competitive advantage and we stand behind it. We feel strongly that customers want and deserve a reliable network experience.

Since 2005, we have conducted regular and rigorous testing comparing our network against our competitors’. The testing, which follows industry standard methodology, is independently validated and proves that we have fewer dropped calls.

We have fully shared our research with the Competition Bureau and are cooperating with the process. We question Wind’s motives in complaining to the Bureau and the announcement today.

We support competition. It’s good for customers and that’s a good thing.

Who do you believe is in the right?