Rogers enables phone-in-your-wallet convenience

RBC, Rogers Wireless and Visa are joining forces to push Canadian wireless purchasing to the next level. With an end goal of allowing customers to make secure point-of-sale purchases simply by waving their phone, the trio have created a pilot project expected to launch in mid-2009.

Designed for small purchases and with an emphasis on convenience, the pilot project relies on Motorola phones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips, which enable the VIsa Paywave feature in the same way as with a contactless RBC Visa card.

Several Asian countries, particularly Japan, have enabled mobile wallet technology for quite some time. But though replacing your wallet with your phone means you’ll have one less thing to carry around in your pocket, it also means you’ll be pulling out your virtual cash and putting it to your ear in plain view of everyone throughout most of the day. It remains to be seen if North Americans are ready for their phones to replace everything.