Rogers Expands Smart Home Monitoring to Vancouver

Ever forget to turn off the kitchen lights or turn down the heat when you’re off on vacation or at work?

This week Rogers introduced Smart Home Monitoring, a new way for Vancouver residents to connect, protect and manage what’s happening at home from anywhere at any time using their mobile device.

With Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, customers can choose from three different packages based on their needs and their budget, the Toronto-based telecommunications giant says. The system can connect to night vision cameras, lighting, door locks, appliances, thermostats, door and window sensors, and more.

“For most people, their home and what’s in it are their most valuable possessions and they want more than just a security system to protect it,” said Ian Pattinson, Vice-President, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.

A recent national survey found that 65% of British Columbians want to live in a connected home.

“Our Smart Home Monitoring system is a connected solution that gives customers peace of mind to know their home is safe and lets them interact with their home while they’re at work, on vacation or out shopping for the day,” Pattinson said.

Smart Home Monitoring launched in Ontario in 2011, then Atlantic Canada in 2013.

“We hear stories every day about how [Smart Home Monitoring] has changed customers’ lives so we’re excited to bring this innovation to our customers in Vancouver,” said Pattinson.


Infographic: Rogers