Rogers Launches Customer Loyalty Program Called ‘First Rewards’

Toronto-based telecommunications giant Rogers is rolling out a new loyalty program this week in a bid to keep customers from switching to rival carriers.

Called “Rogers First Rewards,” customers will earn points on eligible purchases; these points can then be redeemed for Rogers products and services.

“Something that most major carriers worldwide do not do well at is recognizing and rewarding customers for tenure,” says executive vice-president and chief marketing officer John Boynton. Wireless carriers also get criticized for treating new customers better than existing ones, Boynton added.

Account holders will be automatically assigned to one of three tiers: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The tiers earn different amounts of points per dollar spent.

According to Rogers, this loyalty program has been three years in the making.

“We had our feet out in the street worldwide for a loyalty program in early 2011,” Boynton added. “Since then we’ve been busy selecting and installing it into our systems and doing lots of customer research.”

The rollout will be regional and occur throughout this year.