Rogers Continues to Blast Loud Commercials, Breaking CRTC’s Rules Over and Over Again

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this year introduced rules that require broadcasters to keep their commercial volumes down to the same level as their regular programming. Rogers, however, has been plainly ignoring the request.

The CRTC first received complaints in early September, one week after the rule was implemented. Rogers agreed to solve the problem. However, since then the commission says it continues to receive complaints about loud commercials on several television stations owned by the Toronto-based telco.

“Despite these assurances regarding the above complaints, the CRTC is now in receipt of new complaints about Rogers Media regarding similar loudness issues,” the commission wrote. “As such, it will be necessary for Rogers Media to confirm that it is in compliance with its regulatory obligations.”

The commission is asking Rogers to submit its new procedures provide and also list technological changes it will implement to ensure its equipment keeps volumes even when shows cut to commercials. Further, the company must outline how it’s training staff to get things right.

“This has been a perennial issue. People have been complaining to us… we said it’s time to do something,” former CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein said earlier this year when the rule was announced. “There’s no reason why the industry can’t do it. The costs are minimal. The technology is there.”

Rogers had no comment.