Rogers responds: other new entrants and competitors are welcoming the competition

Chatr WirelessMobilicity announced yesterday that it has filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau and various other government agencies against Rogers and its flanker brand Chatr, saying that the rivals main objective is to put the smaller company out of business. 

Mobilicity states that Rogers is in violation of section 78 of the Competition Act, which prohibits conglomerates from using “fighting brands to discipline or eliminate a competitor.”

In response to this news, Rogers’ executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, John Boynton, had this to say:

“We have not been notified by any government agencies, including the Competition Bureau, of any complaints filed by Mobilicity. Other new entrants and competitors are welcoming the competition. They, like us, believe it’s good for customers. Our motive is simple, to offer customers choice and serve a growing segment that is looking for unlimited talk and text on a network they can trust. We’ve adhered to regulations and pro-actively reached out to the Competition Bureau. We are committed to chatr and look forward to it being a success.”

This is likely not the last we will hear about this on-going saga. Stay tuned for additional details.