Rogers to add home security to its services, offering it in bundles with TV and internet

nadirThe same company who locks you in three-year phone contracts also wants to lock up your house.

Rogers Communications is looking to break into the home security services market as soon as next year, and will “bundle” such serviced with its TV, internet, and phone services. Rogers says that bundles entice customers to use more services with one company because of higher value, since prices can be slashed for customers subscribing to many of a customers’ services.

“Rogers is redefining the notion of home security and taking it several steps further,” Rogers president and CEO Nadir Mohamed said in Toronto this week. “Many Canadians already have alarm systems in their homes, protecting their valuables and their loved ones. Yet these systems currently operate on traditional phone lines and only connect with a network when an issue arises.”

“It will give Canadians the tools to remotely manage their homes,” Nadir added, saying that a Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service was being introduced in “coming months” in a “phased rollout.” Quoth the Globe and Mail:

Traditionally, communications companies have stayed away from security services because even if they had a network in place to rig up a household to a monitored grid, they lacked the capacity to actually dispatch people who could race to rescue, says Greg MacDonald, an analyst with National Bank Financial Inc. Adding the infrastructure and personnel to allow them to offer security services, however, usually meant a new line of services and sacrificing the great profit margins of the traditional cable, he added, noting that Rogers has likely found an agreeable balance.

“This is another product you can add to the bundle,” Greg told the paper. “And evidence shows that the more customers are bundled up, the less likely they are to leave.”