Rouxbe Launches Online Cooking School

Vancouver’s Rouxbe launched an extensive online cooking school yesterday that delivers a professional cooking curriculum in high-quality, close-up video to home cooks around the world. Unlike other online cooking sites (Gourmandia as an example) that focus on recipes, celebrity chefs and short technique videos, the Rouxbe Cooking School is a fully integrated experience that mirrors an actual culinary academy, complete with close-up instructional video edible exercises, progress reporting, evaluation quizzes, and chef and community support.

Initially, 20 lessons will be released, which is approximately 15 percent of the total curriculum. Additional lessons will be released starting in August continuing every couple of weeks. The instructional cooking lessons at launch range from how to properly use your knives and making foundational stocks to making fresh pasta and cooking the perfect premium steaks.

Access to the Rouxbe Cooking School is included with every Premium Membership. An Annual Membership costs $99; a Premium Lifetime Membership costs $199.