Toronto Bar Uses 500 Startups Company to Reward Loyal Patrons

On October 2, craft beer bar Bar Hop is launching an iBeacon-enabled bar app in partnership with a Toronto-based startup.

Rover, a 500 Startups company, is utilizing the Apple technology, which allows app content to be delivered based on where a customer is.

Customers download the Bar Hop app on the Apple Store. When they enter the bar, they are notified of bar specials, craft beer features, and upcoming events. The app’s notifications are smart in that they learn users’ preferences over time, rewarding repeat customers with a more personalized experience, and including special offers for the most loyal consumers.

“The iBeacon enabled app allows us to see who our frequent customers are and reward them for their loyalty,” explains Bar Hop, located on King Street West in Toronto. “The Rover content management system makes it easy for us to tell our customers what craft beers we are featuring that day when they walk in to Bar Hop.”

“We are excited to see another use of the Rover iBeacon platform that delivers value to customers in the form of location relevant information,” Rover said.