Rumours turn out true: Facebook emails are real and rolling out

Rumours stirring over recent weeks boiled into reality today when Facebook did indeed unveil its email system at the invite-only San Fran press event.

USA Today reports, “The social networking giant is slowly rolling out a new messaging system that will offer Facebook’s half-billion active users an optional e-mail address that will let folks send or receive messages from Facebook to or from traditional email accounts. Facebook made the formal announcement at a press conference today in San Francisco.”

Facebook says that its approach is different from established competitors like Google’s Gmail and kin.

“We want people to be able to communicate in whatever way they choose: email, text or Facebook message,” said a Facebook spokeswoman. “People are given the choice to opt in to having a Facebook e-mail address as a way to have one destination for all of their messages. But, this product is not e-mail. It is modeled much more after Chat.”

Will you create a @facebook email?