Run Windows Apps on Mac or Linux With CrossOver, Free Today

CodeweaversRecent switcher from Windows to Mac or Linux, or contemplating it? Firstly, congratulations for ending that abusive relationship, and second, today is your lucky day. Today only, CodeWeavers is offering their CrossOver products for download with a free serial number. CrossOver is based on the open source Wine project, and acts as a compatibility layer to run Windows apps right in Mac OS X or your preferred flavour of Linux; no reboot required.

It allows you to run Windows apps like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Quicken, Adobe’s suite, and more. Games like Counter Strike, Half Life 2, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Guild Wars, and Team Fortress 2 can all be run at near native performance. Additionally on Linux you can use it to run iTunes or Quicktime, not previously possible. CrossOver is different from virtualization products like VMware and Parallels because it doesn’t have to run a full instance of Windows; it re-implements Windows APIs to make programs think they’re running on Windows. Thus it offers better performance, but sacrifices some compatibility with less popular applications.

Get your free download today only at CodeWeavers.