Entrepreneur Ryan Holmes Dissects Three Hot Markets: Big Data, Social Media, and Mobile

Ryan Holmes is a cofounder of Invoke Media and the CEO of HootSuite.

Named Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year last month, when Ryan speaks, people listen. In a “30-Second Mentor” video for the Financial Post, the Vancouverite names and breaks down three hot markets: big data, social media, and mobile—all three of which the highly successful HootSuite touches on.


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“Big data is being collected everywhere that we go on the internet, mobile is expanding throughout the world with more people being on mobile than desktops, and social is changing how we do business,” Ryan explains.


“I think these are hot markets because they are all emerging technology opportunities. They are changing how we interact and how society moves ahead,” he adds.

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Hear more from Ryan in the video above.

Photo: Kris Krug, Flickr