Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone Hosts Canadian Innovation Exchange Mixer

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone hosted the Canadian Innovation Exchange mixer on Thursday, September 17.

The event gave a chance for successful professionals in Toronto’s tech industry to network with one another as a buildup for the main CIX event.

CIX will be hosting CIX Top 20 on November 17 at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

The event will be showcasing 20 innovative and unique tech companies.

“In order to continue to grow the tech sector in Canada, there need to be events like this that foster collaboration, networking and support for those in the tech scene,” says Dasha Pasiy, the media relations officer at the DMZ.

“When we started CIX, the goal was to have a gathering,” says Robert Montgomery, one of the co-chairs of CIX, “one day where we brought together a who’s who of the technology eco system, the people who were coming up with the innovations that made our economy tick.”

Last year, 12 of the CIX Top 20 companies were from Toronto, ranging from companies providing financial analytics to a website hosting photography.

As long as a company is innovative and cutting edge in the technology they produce, they can apply, organizers say.