Sacre Bleu! Shutout for French Hockey Canada site

One of the realities of business in Canada is that if you’re working at a national level, at some point you’ll need to deal with the fact that our country has two official languages. You would think that Team Canada, as representative of our country’s young Olympic hopefuls, would have French content well in hand given the long and proud history of Quebec’s contributions to the sport. 


Well, you’d be wrong. According to an article in the Toronto Sun, Team Canada’s French site is riddled with errors, as well as only using English to promote items for sale. According to the Sun, “a search of the French version of the site found more than 25 errors, most often mistakes in the translation from English to French.”


Vancouver-based Elastic Path created the site. According to Hockey Canada chief financial officer Paul Delparte, the shopping section of the site has been shut down until Hockey Canada is satisfied with the revamped French content.