Today is ‘Safer Internet Day’ in Canada

From being lured or targeted online for a sexual purpose, to the creation and sharing of sexual images that can result in cyberbullying among peers, young people are faced with navigating and building relationships within a fully integrated technological world.

While adolescence is a time filled with great opportunity, it is also a time of increased risk – growing up today can be challenging.

Today, International Safer Internet Day, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is highlighting new educational properties that address emerging issues facing youth and encouraging parents and teachers to access important safety resources that reduce child victimization online.

This year, the Canadian Centre is promoting new booklets to help address the vulnerability of adolescents to sexual victimization. For parents, the Canadian Centre is also promoting the Keeping Teens Safe from Online Sexual Exploitation booklet and the Smartphone Safety booklet.

“In the last few years, the issue of adolescent sexual victimization has become a growing concern for parents and school personnel across Canada,” says Signy Arnason, Director of “Our new education modules and accompanying activity books empower youth to choose their own path, by teaching them about healthy relationships, boundaries, consent and who to go to if they need help.”

To help youth navigate their online world in a safer way and give schools and families the tools to support them, the Canadian Centre, as part of this year’s Safer Internet Day, will be distributing approximately one million Internet safety materials to schools across Canada free of charge.

Safer Internet Day is organized by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, “especially amongst children and young people.”