Sage Software laying off 28 workers

After a slight respite from layoff stories, I have to report that Beaverton-based Sage Software is the latest Oregon tech company laying off workers in a restructuring effort. The company is actually introducting up to a dozen new sales positions in an attempt to boost sales, so that will bring the total of lost workers down slightly to about 16.

Silicon Forest has an exerpt from an email from John Schoutsen explaining the changes:

(W)e’re doing two things in our Beaverton organization: adjusting to the economic climate by reducing costs, and also reorganizing to create efficiency in the business with a focus on continuing to deliver strong customer sales and service. Most of the reductions are taking place right away and some over the next couple of weeks. Because we’re re-organizing our sales group, we’re also introducing more than a dozen new positions which we hope to fill over the next month.