SageSpark Helps Small Businesses

Sage North America has launched a new online destination for small businesses called SageSpark.  The site is designed to help small businesses get everything they need to get organized. Offering more than just traditional accounting services, you can get a wide range of services, download free tools and join a community.

With SageSpark, we are providing current and potential entrepreneurs with a small business accelerator that offers the choice of online services beyond traditional accounting software that will jump-start their efficiency and quickly put them on the road to success.

Some of the low-cost services include credit card processing and payroll direct deposit, a virtual IT helpdesk, and sales and marketing services. They also launched a free tool invoicing tool called the  Billing Boss. It’s available in seven languages with three dialects: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (+ Brazil), Korean, and traditional Chinese.

SageSpark delivers the elements entrepreneurs need to get started inexpensively, via free and low-cost services; and get motivated, via a strong community of experts and peers, sharing best practices and providing encouragement for entry-level businesses.