Salesforce Integrates with FluidSurveys to Improve Customer Management

Ottawa startup FluidSurveys today announced the launch of a new integration with Salesforce. The process for collecting customer data and making it accessible is apt to become more streamlined as a result of the partnership.

With the release of this new integration component, FluidSurveys can be used to collect customer contact info and feedback and that information can automatically be plugged into the corresponding data fields within Salesforce. This integration also allows for a two-way communication between the said platforms. As a result, any data collection forms within FluidSurveys can also be pre-populated with information from customer accounts already residing on Salesforce.

The importance of this software integration lies in that users will no longer have to manually import and export information from one tool to the other. All of the data that requires transferring will be automatically taken care of. Because of this, focus can be placed on using data to make business decisions as opposed to figuring out how to obtain the necessary data.

Having all this rich customer information in one place helps teams collaborate. This initiative highlights the commitment that the Canadian startup has towards  integrating customer feedback into all areas of business. is now used in over 50 countries.