Salesforce Unveils SalesforceIQ, IoT Cloud at Dreamforce

Soon there will be six billion smartphones, three billion people on social networks and more than 75 billion connected products, according to estimates from Ericsson and Morgan Stanley.

Behind every device, every app, every thing is a customer, which is why Salesforce says relationship management has never been more important. This is the Internet of Customers, the company says.

This week during Dreamforce, Salesforce introduced SalesforceIQ, “the future of selling for every business.” Powered by Relationship Intelligence technology, SalesforceIQ utilizes advanced data science to analyze company relationships with prospects, customers and partners, and surface insights to drive businesses forward.

Salesforce also unveiled the Salesforce IoT Cloud, which connects billions of events from devices, sensors, apps and more from the Internet of Things to Salesforce, unlocking insights from the connected world that empower anyone to take the right action, for the right customer, at the right time.

The IoT Cloud is powered by Thunder, a scalable, real-time event processing engine built on a modern architecture and frameworks that can ingest billions of event streams.