Salesforce Rewards Performance Socially with Amazon Gift Credits

With 79% of job opportunities being posted on at least one social network, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media is infiltrating human capital management as well.

And there’s no better place to see this at work than Salesforce.

Techvibes readers will remember that Toronto-born Rypple was acquired by the CRM giant and has become the backbone of their social performance platform. Rebranded as, Salesforce has big plans for Rypple’s technology as they take their first step toward transforming human resources for the social era.

With Salesforce hopes to revolutionize the way companies align around social goals, motivate their people with real-time recognition and rewards and drive performance with continuous feedback and relevant performance reviews.

That’s a big change for companies that are used to annual employee reviews (that are out of date within the quarter).’s Director of Maketing and Communications Nick Stein explained to Techvibes that there has been misconceptions about what Rypple has been trying to do to the workforce. But the rebrand to will help. Stein elaborates “when we focus on the idea of ‘work’, its really the idea of supporting how people want to work.”

Incentives and rewards that mean something to employees is a start. One of Salesforce’s many announcements at Dreamforce was a new partnership with designed to empower users to reward and motivate their people within the platform with gift credits.