Launches Salesforce1 for the ‘Internet of Customers’

Today at Dreamforce Salesforce’s Mark Benioff launched Salesforce1, a next-generation CRM platform designed for developers, independent software vendors, and customers to connect apps and third-party services such as Dropbox and Evernote.

The mobile-first environment symbolizes the company’s focus as a platform provider with the promise of connecting the enterprise to the billions of things that are increasingly capable of being programmed through APIs, according to Salesforce.

The company is betting big on “the Internet of Things,” but Benioff told the Dreamforce crowd that “Things” doesn’t quite cover it. Benioff has coined the phrase “Internet of Customers.”

“Behind all the apps, all the devices, all the technology, all the connections, is the most important element of all: your customers,” he said.



Salesforce1, he says, is designed to connect everything—your customers, your data, your employees, your partners, and the next generation of apps and devices.